Meet the Team

Our board-certified physicians and specially trained staff use advanced technologies to diagnose and treat sleep disorders. We accommodate each person’s unique needs while providing excellent care within a safe, comfortable and professional environment.

Experienced Team, Multidisciplinary Care

Multidisciplinary medical team includes:

  • Physician specialists—experienced and board-certified doctors who specialize in sleep medicine evaluate your sleep study results and develop a personalized treatment plan for you
  • Respiratory therapists—healthcare professionals who specialize in pulmonary disease and sleep medicine evaluate your breathing and help you get equipment and information you need to breathe freely through the night
  • Registered sleep technologists—specially trained technologists who specialize in sleep medicine record information, monitor sleep studies and assist patients while they are at the Sleep Center 

Learn more about sleep disorder symptoms, evaluations and diagnoses, treatments, frequently asked questions and patients’ experiences.

Meet the Team

  • Riad Dakheel, MD
    Pulmonary Disease
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