For many patients, signs of sleep disturbance are subtle. Our multidisciplinary team is experienced at identifying signs of poor quality sleep and designing personalized treatment plans to help you get a good night’s rest.

We meet with patients one-on-one to evaluate symptoms that may indicate underlying sleep issues.

We often recommend involving spouses in the evaluation stage—many of our patients are not aware of their restlessness at night, but their spouses are!

Take our sleep quiz in English or en español to learn whether you are at risk. 



A sleep study is referred by your physician and is considered the best way to accurately diagnose and guide treatment decisions for various sleep disorders. During the sleep study, we use monitoring equipment to observe various brain activities and body systems overnight while you sleep at the Sleep Center.


Comforts of Home Combined with Hotel-Style Amenities

Designed for your comfort, each of the Sleep Center’s ten private rooms include a:

  • Television
  • DVD
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Individually controlled heat/air conditioning.

Breakfast and a coffee bar help you transition right back to your normal routine after your study.

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