Lymphedema Care Center

Doctors Community Hospital’s Lymphedema Care Center provides targeted therapies to reduce the swelling and pain often associated with lymphedema. A member of the National Lymphedema Network, our center is one of the largest in Maryland.

What is lymphedema?

The lymphatic system covers the human body like a net.  It collects, transports and filters waste products including protein, metabolic waste and inflammatory by-products that are present in body fluids.  Also, it is responsible for white blood cell transportation by way of lymphatic vessels, which contribute to the body’s ability to prevent diseases.  When there is a blockage in the lymphatic system, fluid can build up and cause swelling in one or more limbs as well as the face, neck, trunk or perineal region.  This swelling is known as lymphedema.

Specialized Treatment, Personalized Care

Our seven certified lymphedema therapists are trained in techniques that optimize the comfort and function of people who have lymphedema. Since lymphedema treatment is our primary focus, we understand how to address the comprehensive challenges of this condition.

Treatment Options

We provide treatment options that include decongestion techniques and pain management.  Also, the center offers a wide range of services such as:

  • Therapeutic exercise
  • Lymph-draining massage
  • Multi-layer compression bandaging
  • Skin and scar care management
  • Caregiver training

With six private treatment and rehabilitation rooms and an exercise room with resistance and endurance equipment, the Lymphedema Center is located within a comfortable setting where every team member is dedicated to providing patients with compassionate and effective care.

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