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Creating Moving Experiences, One Patient at a Time

Whether you are recovering from a knee injury, stroke or a heart attack, a structured and personalized therapy plan can help you get back to your daily routine.

The licensed and certified rehabilitation therapists at Doctors Community Hospital collaborate with you and your physicians to apply the latest tools and techniques best suited to care for your condition and address your lifestyle needs.  Such targeted treatment plans and ongoing support can make a big difference in the quality of your short- and long-term recovery.


Comprehensive Rehabilitation Services


We provide:

  • Comprehensive therapies for people coping with injuries, managing illnesses or recovering from surgeries to help them regain function, relieve pain and promote health
  • Licensed and certified, highly trained therapists who have diverse specializations
  • Flexible scheduling with most appointments available within five days
  • Convenient access to other diagnostic and treatment services at Doctors Community Hospital – your neighborhood hospital

Learn more about our rehabilitation team, evaluation and comprehensive rehabilitation services.