Receiving care from a multidisciplinary team of physicians, diabetes educators and dieticians can make a difference in how well you understand and manage your diabetes. At Doctors Community Hospital, our Diabetes Care Center team provides coordinated, highly personalized care to help you control your diabetes.

Effective Treatment Options

We know the latest treatment options and the important questions to ask about how you live day-to-day to help give you control of your health.

One such treatment is the insulin pump. Successful insulin pump therapy requires a clear understanding of how diabetes works and how to operate the insulin pump. Our certified diabetes educators ensure you have the knowledge and ongoing support you need to get favorable results with insulin pump therapy. We offer:

  • Insulin pump pre-pump assessments
  • Pre-pump class
  • Pump starts
  • Pump training/ monthly pump clinics

How is diabetes treated?

Can diabetes be cured?

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