A Patient Testimonial:  Geraldine's Story

An avid walker and lover of the elliptical machine, former Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) employee Geraldine Marshall’s mantra is, “You gotta keep it moving!”

Despite being active and showing no clear symptoms, Geraldine was not surprised when she was diagnosed with diabetes at a regular check-up, but she was worried—she had just buried three cousins who had all died from complications of the disease.

Geraldine vowed she would not wait for a bigger health problem to manage the disease. She knew staying active was important in managing her diabetes, but that it was also important to get regular checkups, manage her diet and keep track of her blood glucose numbers. That led her to Doctors Community Hospital’s Joslin Diabetes Center, where in one location she consulted with physician specialists, nutritionists and diabetes educators who made sure that she knew how to manage her diabetes.

“It takes time to learn how to read labels, do carbohydrate counting and figure out serving sizes, but it’s worth your health!” shares Geraldine. “I got all of this from the nutritionist at the Joslin Diabetes Center, and now I know it. Now I manage diabetes—I don’t let it manage me.”

Now at Geraldine’s regular check-ups, she takes care of diagnostic testing related to diabetes and reviews her overall health with an endocrinologist. She and her husband both attend educational lectures and classes at the center, and he helps her watch her carbohydrates and serving sizes when he makes her breakfast each morning. With her glucose numbers well in control, Geraldine now supports and motivates friends with diabetes to “keep it moving” and take charge of their health.

“I went from fearing diabetes to being in control,” shares Geraldine. “Working with the Joslin Diabetes Center helped me know I can live with diabetes and live a normal, healthy life.”

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