Nurse assisting patient at the Joslin Diabetes CenterAdvanced Diagnostics

We provide convenient diagnostic services that help you and your healthcare team monitor your diabetes and make well-informed decisions about your care.


I-Pro Diagnostic Testing/ 3 – 5 Day Continuous Glucose Monitoring

I-Pro diagnostic testing monitors glucose for a three to five day period. Glucose levels are reported to your healthcare team for the most reliable results. This testing helps give insight into the best choices for your diabetes control and treatment recommendations including changes in diet, activity and medication.

Glucose testing and A1C test onsite

This glucose testing monitors current blood sugar levels; and A1C testing provides an overall record of glucose levels for about two to three months. The A1C gives you the big picture of what your average levels are during a two to three month period.

Electrocardiogram (EKG) testing

EKG testing provides information on heart rate and rhythm. Diabetes and heart disease are closely linked. Even if you have already had heart disease, every step you take to keep your blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol in your target range reduces future risk of heart disease or stroke.

Thyroid evaluation

This evaluation tests for abnormal thyroid function. Since the thyroid gland plays a central role in the regulation of metabolism, abnormal thyroid function can have a major impact on the control of diabetes. Untreated thyroid disorder can also increase the risk of certain diabetic complications and can aggravate many diabetes symptoms.

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Complementary Services

Cardiac Rehabilitation

This multidisciplinary outpatient program provides personalized exercise plans, support and education to help you recover from a cardiac event and reduce your risk of future heart problems. Learn More.

Sleep Center

Do you feel sleepy all the time? Do you wake up not feeling refreshed? Do you wake up in the morning still feeling tired? Do you snore? Learn More.

Bariatric and Weight Loss Center

If you are affected by obesity, you know first-hand that losing weight can be difficult. You probably also know it can be one of the most important things you can do to improve your health—and how hard it can be to lose weight and keep it off alone. Learn More.