Patient Testimonial Story

Bowie resident Phyllis Anderson, 69, loved every minute of her 35 years as an educator in Prince George’s County. But she “just knew it was time” when she decided to retire.
Likewise, when the small bumps Phyllis had developed on her foot started to scab and she grew increasingly weak, she knew it was time to get help. After a visit to the Doctors Community Hospital’s Emergency Department, she went to the hospital’s Wound Center for specialized care.
Doctors at the Wound Center removed damaged tissue to encourage healing, cleaned the wound and determined which specialized dressings would support Phyllis’ progress. When a stubborn section of Phyllis’ wound would not close, doctors used a special synthetic skin.
“It meant so much that the staff was always so kind and respectful,” remarks Phyllis. “I felt nervous at first about what they were going to say about my wound, especially one time when it looked really bad. They assessed the wound, reassured me and adjusted my care based on the type of wound it was and what it was doing at the time.”
Wound Center doctors also investigated what factors were making it difficult for Phyllis’ wound to heal. While she did not suffer from diabetes, which commonly interferes with healing, the vascular issue was the limitations of critical circulation to the wound area. Uncovering Phyllis’ barriers to healing helped her physicians choose which of their advanced methods to use and informed their recommendations for at-home care. 
Wound Center staff made sure Phyllis had supplies to dress and care for her wound at home. “Whatever was called for at my weekly visit, they emailed to the supply company, and it was sent right to my house,” shares Phyllis. “You really get personal attention and get to know everyone.”
Now that her wound has healed, Phyllis can enjoy her retirement. 
“Now I do whatever I want to do, whenever I want to,” laughs Phyllis. “I’m going on trips with seniors, helping with my grandchildren, keeping busy with church activities. At the DCH Wound Center I was always treated with dignity and got the best care. Now that wound is no longer in my way.”