We Now Have 3-D Mammography!

This advanced technology improves early detection of breast cancer and reduces false-positve rates.
Call us today at 301-552-8524 to learn more or schedule your annual mammogram.
Also, learn about our free breast and cervical cancer screening program.

Improving the Quality of Women’s Lives

Breast cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women in the United States with an estimated 232,340 new cases expected to be diagnosed this year. Regular screening for breast cancer is the best way to detect breast cancer. When detected early, breast cancer is treatable and has a survival rate of 95 percent. Doctors Community Hospital In Prince George's County is a convenient, comfortable place to schedule your mammogram. We even offer Saturday appointments. 

Finding convenient, quality care gives you peace of mind and helps you focus your energy on your health. The more informed you are about your condition, the better decisions you can make as you plan your care.  Doctors Community Hospital’s Center for Comprehensive Breast Care provides that type of peace of mind.

As the first comprehensive breast care center with a dedicated breast cancer surgeon in Prince George’s County, our high-quality services include:

  • Digital and 3-D screening mammograms
  • Digital diagnostic mammograms
  • Minimally invasive stereotactic breast biopsy
  • Minimally invasive ultrasound core biopsy
  • Ductogram
  • Bone density scan (DEXA)
  • Oncology service
  • Navigation
  • Plastic surgery
  • Radiation
  • Breast cancer surgery

Also, our breast cancer treatment program has:

  • Complete, multidisciplinary care at a convenient location
  • Convenient walk-in and same-day services as well as screening mammograms available on Saturdays
  • Mammopads to ease the pain women sometime feel during mammograms
  • Quick results and short wait times available within a comforting  and peaceful environment
  • Navigators who help coordinate care
  • Convenient access to other diagnostic services and treatments available at Doctors Community Hospital

Learn more about our breast cancer treatment team, evaluations and diagnoses, treatments and frequently asked questions.

Complementary Services

Lymphedema Center

Doctors Community Hospital’s Lymphedema Center provides targeted therapies to reduce the swelling and pain often associated with lymphedema. A member of the National Lymphedema Network, our center is one of the largest in Maryland. Learn More.

Center for Wound Healing and Hyperbaric Medicine

If you're suffering from a non-healing wound, you are not alone. Every year, chronic wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation or other conditions keep about five million Americans from doing things they love to do. Learn More.