Partner With Us


As a member of our integrated healthcare network, your patients will have access to a multidisciplinary and personalized team – all focused on encouraging people to maintain and improve their overall health. Working closely with you, we will help identify effective and efficient methods to address your patients’ medical needs while providing excellent customer service. Your partnership with us will also provide you with insightful performance reports, care management resource opportunities and dedicated program professionals.


  • Provides one-on-one administrative support for each practice
  • Communicates program requirement changes and deadlines
  • Organizes group events and collaborates with other CTO practices

Quality Program Navigator

  • Customizes role of lead care manager at each practice site
  • Offers individual support to practice staff
  • Provides quality metrics for review program

Practice Panel Coordinators

  • Positioned directly at each practice site
  • Identifies gaps in care for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Coordinates transitional care for Medicare beneficiaries
  • Holds weekly meetings with providers and office staff

800-Care Management Line

  • Dedicated access line to licensed clinical social workers, case managers and behavioral health specialists
  • Dedicated resources available to patients who need substance abuse assistance or mental health wellness

Diabetes Self-Management Support and Education

  • Access to registered dietician, nutritionist and certified diabetes educator
  • Access to one-on-one classes or group sessions
  • Access to customized education plan and behavior goal setting

Data Analyst

  • Provides actionable performance data

Practice Transformation Specialist

  • Evaluates workflow and identifies areas for optimization

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