Meet the Team

Our board-certified physicians and specially trained staff offer the most advanced dietary, medical and behavioral support to maximize weight loss success.

Experienced Staff Providing Multidisciplinary Care

Our multidisciplinary medical team includes:

Bariatric surgeon

Physician who specializes in weight loss surgery and patiently explains treatment options, risks and benefits while helping to determine if weight loss surgery is appropriate for you.

Bariatric coordinator and physician assistant

An advanced practitioner who assists in pre- and post-operative care; informs you about the surgery, its risks and benefits; and helps you with support or treatment after surgery.

Specialized nurses

Nurses who understand the complex challenges of obesity and focus on the specific medical and lifestyle concerns of patients.

Registered dieticians

Highly trained dieticians who help people make smart food choices and offer practical tips to sustain a healthy weight.

Licensed psychologists and clinicians

Experienced clinicians help clarify behaviors that may impact weight loss objectives.

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Meet the Team

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