Lap-Band Surgery Frequently Asked Questions


What is Lap-Band surgery?

Lap-Band is an FDA-approved, adjustable gastric banding system that restricts how much food your stomach can hold at one time. It helps patients feel full faster and longer after eating, so you gradually lose weight and keep it off. Now with laparoscopic and robotic surgical options, patients experience smaller scars, faster recovery and minimized chance of infection.

What are the benefits of Lap-Band surgery?

Weight loss surgery impacts your metabolism and food intake to help you lose weight as part of a more comprehensive lifestyle plan. Other approaches to weight loss surgery, such as gastric bypass, cut away or staple part of the stomach or bypass part of the stomach or intestines. Unlike Lap-Band, these are not reversible and can interfere with your absorption of vitamins and minerals, so you would likely need nutritional supplements for life.

How soon can I return to work after surgery?

Most patients go back to week within a week of having Lap-Band surgery—sometimes sooner, depending on how physically strenuous your job is.

Will there be scarring?

A minimally invasive procedure, incisions are quite small and typically barely noticeable over time with the Lap-Band procedure.

If Lap-Band is reversible, can I have it removed after I lose weight?

Lap-Band is meant to be a lifelong adjustment. While it can be removed, we do not recommend it. Patients who remove the Lap-Band will likely return to their original weight or gain more.

How much weight will I lose, and how fast?

This varies, but studies show that at 36 months patients had about a 62% excess weight loss. Patients typically lose about 1-2 pounds a week. Lap-Band usually provides a slower and more naturally paced weight loss than other bariatric surgery, which helps you keep the weight off and avoid the need for plastic surgery.

What can I eat after Lap-Band Surgery?

After surgery you begin with liquids and progress to more solid foods as your body adjusts. In the first few weeks after surgery, you can eat or drink a little all day long without a set meal pattern. After you readjust to eating solid food, you will be back to eating three regular meals a day.