Patient Medical Record

If you received treatment at Doctors Community Hospital, you may have questions, want to view or need a copy of your health or medical record.

To request a copy of part or all of your health or medical record, please print a copy of our Authorization to Disclose a Health Record form. Though we cannot release health records via the internet, your completing this form and providing photo identification will help you obtain a copy of them. (There may be a copying fee for this service.)

Please mail or email the completed form and a copy of your photo identification to the following:

Doctors Community Hospital
Health Information Services Correspondence
8118 Good Luck Road
Lanham, Maryland 20706

Contact our Health Information Services Department for more information or to schedule an appointment to view your health or medical record. Our telephone number is 301-552-8073.

To learn more go to MyHealth patient portal, which provides you with access to some of your health information including many lab and diagnostic test results.