Sleep Center Patient Story

A Patient Testimonial:  John's Story

John Todd of Hyattsville, MD, had always been active. Even after he had back surgery and stopped working, John became a busy volunteer at church and in the community. Then a few years ago, he found himself needing naps every afternoon and getting grumpy with his wife. He started to arrange his whole day so nothing would interfere with his afternoon nap.

That’s when John sought the help of his primary care physician (PCP), who ran tests to see if there was a medical explanation for John’s sleepiness. When the results showed nothing unusual, John’s PCP referred him to the Sleep Center for a sleep study.

“Going to the sleep study was almost like being on vacation at a nice and peaceful hotel,” shares John. “I didn’t feel like I was at a hospital. The staff made me feel at home and explained every step of what would happen.”

Medical staff at the Sleep Center observed that John’s mind was on all night, as if he had stayed awake. Data gathered during the study showed he had stopped breathing several times, once for longer than a minute.

“Hearing I stopped breathing in the night made me realize I should take this seriously,” says John.

The Sleep Center’s medical team recommended a CPAP machine to keep John’s breathing steady throughout the night. He worked with respiratory therapists at the center to choose a properly fitting CPAP mask, which he has been using to sleep peacefully.

“The sleep study changed my life, and my wife’s too,” shares John. “It scares me to think what might have happened without it. My blood pressure would have gone out of control. I might have developed heart trouble, and I would have become a grouchy old man. Now I feel great and can have the active life I want.”