Metropolitan Medical Specialists Patient Story

A Patient Testimonial:  Richard's Story

Upper Marlboro resident Richard Wojciechowicz taught health education and physical fitness at Prince George’s Community College for 39 years. Although age 69 and retired, Richard is still active at the college, leading a senior citizen fitness program he helped start in 1974. For the past 26 years, his senior citizens’ hiking course takes hikes throughout the Washington metropolitan area, combining physical activity with a cultural experience. “Now I am old enough to be a participant!” Richard laughs.

Despite maintaining a healthy lifestyle, Richard has had his share of medical adventures throughout the years.

When Richard fractured his heel on a holiday, he called his Metropolitan Medical Specialists (MMS) physician. Though off-duty, his doctor helped him get a quick appointment to see the head orthopedic surgeon at Doctors Community Hospital. “Dr. Feldman did a great job getting me through it,” Richard shares. “He has impeccable medical knowledge and skills, and he will send me to a specialist when a specific test or further diagnosis is needed—my doctor has my best interest in mind.”

When his primary doctor was off and Richard came to MMS with another emergency, he still got the attention he needed. “I had something lodged in my ear. Another MMS doctor, Dr. Malik, spent 30 minutes working with me, and she wouldn’t give up. When I left, I could hear again,” remarks Richard.

Richard appreciates the top-notch care he receives, and also the feeling he gets in the office. “It is a bustling place, but it still has a friendly, small office feeling,” says Richard. “The space is well designed and quiet with a nice atmosphere. Everybody’s helpful— from the phlebotomist who draws blood to the people who make the schedules or deal with referrals. They’re glad to be there, and you are glad to be there.”

The personal attention and true caring have contributed to Richard’s continued health. “When I go to MMS, I feel like I am the only person my doctor is seeing that day—but I know he has a busy schedule,” says Richard. “I feel the staff is genuinely happy to help me feel better and stay healthy. I am in good, competent hands. Visits are convenient and test results are quick. They make it easy to take care of my health.”

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