Hospital’s Population Health Focus Aims to Improve the Community’s Wellbeing

Lanham, Maryland – You have likely heard of a shifting focus in medical care termed “population health.”  Like many, you may wonder what it means and how it can improve the wellbeing of the community.  Doctors Community Hospital’s Dr. Sunil Madan, chief medical officer and chief population health officer, and Paul Grenaldo, chief operating officer, explain how their team is contributing to a healthier Prince George’s County.

At the core of population health is a focus on keeping people who live within a defined geographic area healthy, not just treating them when they are ill.  Especially important is the care of those who have chronic diseases or who rely on emergency departments to treat preventable conditions that are often best managed by primary care or disease-specific specialists.  As Dr. Madan explained, “Although everyone benefits from population health, it is particularly beneficial for those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and other such conditions.  Optimally managing such diseases can help people avoid numerous serious complications.  At the same time, it can contribute to decreasing healthcare costs – principally those incurred in emergency room settings or because of high hospital readmission rates.” 

Given the connection between population health and chronic disease management, Doctors Community Hospital continues to provide specialized medical programs that address conditions that occur at high rates in the area: 

  • Diabetes – Its Joslin Diabetes Center is the only multidisciplinary program accredited by the American Diabetes Association.  With experienced endocrinologists, educators and dietitians, people receive medical care and support to aide them with this complex disease.
  • Breast cancer – Its Center for Comprehensive Breast Care was the first program in the area with a dedicated breast surgeon.  Recently, it acquired the new 3-D mammography technology, which helps many women detect breast cancer earlier – when it is most treatable.
  • Heart failure – A heart failure clinic provides hospital patients with support, resources and education to help them manage various types of heart disease.

Additionally, population health requires the collective commitments of multiple organizations that support common objectives.  Grenaldo stated, “With the cooperation of entities that share our tradition of serving others, these partnerships contribute to our efforts to improve the health of Prince George’s County residents.” “By providing access to high-quality care, free preventative health services and educational support, such collaborations are investments in the long-term wellbeing of the community.”  Some of the hospital’s current partnerships include: 




Hyattsville Outpatient Health Clinic

La Clinica Del Pueblo

Free clinic with primary care, radiology, mental health, orthopedic and other specialty services

Wellness on Wheels Mobile Health Clinic

Prince George’s County Health Department

Free diabetes, cholesterol and high-blood pressure screenings provided on a mobile clinic that travels throughout the county

Breast Screening Program

Susan G. Komen

Free mammograms to uninsured and underinsured county residents

Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program

Prince George’s County Health Department

Free mammograms, breast exams and cervical screenings to uninsured, underinsured and low income county residents

Colorectal Screening Program

Prince George’s County Health Department

Free colonoscopies to uninsured, underinsured and low income county residents

On the Road Diabetes Program

Prince George’s County Health Department

Free diabetes screenings and educational classes at local churches, community centers and other groups in the county

Smoking Cessation Program

Bowie State University

Free eight-week programs to help people stop smoking

Access is also a key population health focus.  People are more likely to seek medical care when it is conveniently located.  Accordingly, Doctors Community Hospital has expanded its primary care and endocrinology services to include offices in Bowie, Greenbelt, Landover Hills, Lanham and Laurel.  “By providing people with a medical home close to where they live, work and play, we help residents receive the right care, at the right time and in the right locations throughout Prince George’s County,” said Grenaldo.

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