Medical Answering Service

From providing quality customer service to ensuring timely appointment scheduling, the management of medical offices requires prioritizing multiple factors. Doctors Community Answering Service is here to help! We partner with medical offices to deliver reliable telephone answering services that contribute to positive patient experiences and seamless practice administration.

Our wide range of medical answering services include, but not limited to:   

  • Live and HIPAA compliant telephone coverage available 24/7
  • Experienced and bilingual operators who are trained to provide exceptional and timely customer service
  • Flexible call management packages with operator responses tailored for each medical office
  • Non-urgent call management (e.g., appointment scheduling/cancelling requests, billing inquiries, prescription refill requests, office lunch coverage assistance, etc.)
  • Urgent call management (e.g., on-call communications, severe weather office status, etc.)
  • Two-way messaging platform that allows operators to securely communicate with the physicians on call
  • Reports delivered by requested times and communications vehicles (e.g., pager, email, text, mobile telephone and home telephone)
  • Affordable alpha-numeric pager leasing

Doctors Community Answering Service is ready at any time to assist medical offices by providing high-quality and compassionate assistance to patients, office personnel and physician groups.  For more information, contact us at 240-965-3719 or dchanswer@DCHweb.orgTo request our services, please carefully review and complete the below forms: