Totally Linking Care in Maryland

For more information, call 301-354-3690 or complete the form and fax it to 301-685-6091.

Improving Your Health with Coordinated Care

People who have multiple chronic diseases (e.g. diabetes, congestive heart failure, kidney disease and others) require medical care from many healthcare professionals. However, it can sometimes be difficult to coordinate all of the care needed to support long-term good health. That’s why we created the free Totally Linking Care in Maryland (TLC-MD) program.

Totally Linking Care in Maryland 

Who We Are

TLC-MD is a team of more than 50 providers, outpatient services, local health departments, community organizations and residents – all focused on working together to identify solutions that help you better coordinate your medical care. Some of our current participants include:

  • CalvertHealth Memorial Hospital
  • University of Maryland Capital Region North
  • Doctors Community Hospital
  • Fort Washington Medical Center
  • MedStar Southern Maryland Hospital Center
  • MedStar St. Mary’s Hospital
  • Area Agencies on Aging
  • Maryland State Medical Society and Primary Care Providers
  • Prince George’s County Health Department
  • Calvert County Health Department

How TLC-MD Can Help You

From the different types of physicians who care for you to the vast amount of medical information available about your conditions, it can be difficult to manage all of the appointments and paperwork. Our certified clinical coordinator is available to help. At no cost to you, this experienced healthcare professional will:

  • Assist with scheduling your follow-up appointments and filling prescriptions
  • Help you address obstacles (e.g. transportation, housing, food, etc.) that may negatively impact your health
  • Conduct depression, quality of life and other screenings to identify relating resources
  • Collaborate with all of your physicians to develop your personalized care plan
  • Provide disease, medication and nutrition education to increase your overall healthcare knowledge