Doctors Community Hospital Plans Green Energy Initiative

Lanham, Maryland − Doctors Community Hospital has announced plans to launch a cutting-edge green energy initiative. Starting in July 2017, the hospital will begin construction of a cogeneration power plant – an efficient system that generates electricity and usable heat from a single energy source. This internal power plant will lower the hospital's carbon emissions, reduce energy costs and ensure continued patient services in the event of an electric grid failure. 

Providing state-of-the-art care to tens of thousands of patients each year requires some serious energy − and not just from Doctors Community Hospital’s clinical staff. With buildings to heat, rooms to light and machines to power, hospital systems require large amounts of power. With traditional energy systems, efficiency is lost through heat discharged in power plant smokestacks.  Also, energy is lost in transmission lines.  Scientists believe that the emission of these greenhouse gases contribute to global warming.  Environmentally friendly cogeneration plants, such as the one to be built at Doctors Community Hospital, are more efficient. With this type of system, electricity is produced on-site by natural gas generators. Then, the by-product heat is repurposed to warm the hospital’s rooms and water.

For the leadership at Doctors Community Hospital, the benefits of the new system are clear. "Building a cogeneration plant is an exciting step for Doctors Community Hospital," says Paul Grenaldo, chief operating officer at Doctors Community Hospital. "We are committed to keeping Prince George's County healthy both now and in the future. That mission extends to being good stewards of the environment that we all share. The cogeneration plant will bring many internal benefits including lowering energy costs so that we can reallocate funds to patient care. But it will also significantly cut our carbon emissions, reducing our impact on the environment.  We are delighted to be doing our part to keep Prince George’s County green.”

Doctors Community Hospital's new cogeneration plant will be roughly the size of a tractor trailer and provide more than 80 percent of the hospital’s annual electrical load while offsetting almost 90 percent of its thermal load. Requiring only natural gas to operate, this new system is not vulnerable to natural disasters or bad weather. This resiliency can be critically important during times of disaster. “A consistent energy supply is critically important in a hospital setting,” says Jerry Dyer, director of Plant Operations at Doctors Community Hospital. “Even during a hurricane or a blizzard, we need to keep the lights on and medical devices running. Doctors Community Hospital has always had backup generators in place in case of electrical grid failure, but this new system provides an extra layer of power security. It feels good to know that, no matter what, our energy supply will be as unstoppable as our staff."


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