Fed Up with Fatigue?

Lanham, MD – Are you constantly exhausted? Does your partner complain about your snoring? You may be one of the 50-70 million adults in the United States suffering from a sleep disorder.1

 More and more people are developing these conditions with the number of health and accident-related incidents linked to poor quality sleep on the rise. What’s worrisome: Many people who have sleep disorders don’t even know it.

Dr. Riad Dakheel, pulmonary disease and sleep medicine specialist at Doctors Community Hospital's Sleep Center, shares how to protect yourself—and your loved ones—and get a good better night’s rest.  

 Why is sleep important?

Sleep is nature's way of healing the body and sharpening the mind. In the short-term, lack of sleep can impair judgment, memory and learning.2 It can also impact productivity, making people feel anxious or frustrated—and that can affect health.

 What you may not realize is that over time, sleep disorders increase your risk of diabetes, hypertension, depression and obesity.  If you’re getting five or fewer hours of sleep, the risk of death from sleep-related diseases doubles.

 How do I know I'm not getting quality sleep?

Sleeping seven to eight hours per night is ideal for an adult.3 Obvious signs of sleep disorders are fatigue, needing naps during the day and being tired when driving. Other symptoms could be weight gain, difficulty concentrating or memory loss. Keeping a journal to track your sleep can help you detect patterns to find solutions.

 Another good way to figure out if you might have sleep issues is to ask your sleeping companion—he/she usually knows all too well whether you are getting a good night’s rest or suffering from snoring, restless leg syndrome and other disorders!

 What should I do if I think I may have a sleep disorder?

Sleep disorders are often diagnosed through painless studies that monitor you while you’re sleeping. After the sleep study, our specialized sleep and pulmonary physician assesses the results and recommends the best treatment such as continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) technology. In such cases, our experienced team helps fit you for this technology to better ensure your comfort and ease of use.

 Some people think it might be hard to sleep at a medical facility, but ours is designed with the amenities of a nice hotel. From flat screen televisions to private bathrooms, some people feel like it's a getaway!

 What can I do right now to help me sleep?

Maintain a regular routine—it often helps to have a consistent bedtime and waking time. Avoid alcohol, caffeine and cigarettes in general, but especially in the evening. Daily exercise can help, as can a new pillow that is more suited to your sleep position. Making simple adjustments to your lifestyle can sometimes provide relief.4

 Doctors Community Hospital’s Sleep Center

Regain peaceful nights and bright mornings! As the only accredited sleep program in Prince George’s County, our board-certified physician and compassionate healthcare professionals can help you manage various types of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnea, periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy and restless leg syndrome. We provide personalized overnight and daytime sleep studies seven days a week – all focused on helping you sleep restfully and awake refreshed.

 Take a free online quiz at DCHsleep.org and learn if you are at risk for sleep apnea.  Also, contact us at 301-DCH-4YOU (301-324-4968) to learn more about sleep studies and how to get more restful sleep.

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