Accuracy of Hospital’s New 3-D Mammogram Increases Breast Cancer Detections and Reduces False Positives

Lanham, MD – Doctors Community Hospital has acquired Hologic’s Genius 3D Mammography™ system.  Approved by the FDA, this advanced technology has been clinically proven to significantly increase the detection of breast cancers while decreasing false-positive rates.

With conventional 2-D mammography, overlapping tissue is a leading reason why small breast cancers may be missed and normal tissue may appear abnormal – leading to unnecessary callbacks and false-positive screening results.  The Genius mammography system uses a 3-D method of imaging breasts that can greatly reduce the tissue overlap effect.  Terrie Trimmer, director at Doctors Community Hospital’s Center for Comprehensive Breast Care, explained “The elevated accuracy of this technology can lessen many of the anxieties that some women experience during the breast screening process.  As a result, we provide women with increased peace of mind.”

A Genius breast screening includes both 2-D images and tomosynthesis scans to produce 3-D images.  As explained by Dr. Joshua Pleasure, radiologist at Doctors Community Hospital, “During the tomosynthesis part of the exam, detailed images of the breast are taken at different depths. The radiologist can then review each layer of the breast tissue to pinpoint the size, shape and location of abnormalities.” 

The largest study to date on breast cancer screenings using Genius was published in the June 25, 2014, issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA)1.  Findings included a:

  • 41 percent increase in the detection of invasive breast cancers
  • 29 percent increase in the detection of all breast cancers
  • 15 percent decrease in women recalled for additional imaging

Women in Prince George’s County are diagnosed with breast cancer at a higher stage than those in many other jurisdictions. There is also a higher mortality rate from breast cancer and in younger women.   According to Dr. Regina Hampton, breast surgeon at Doctors Community Breast Center, “The 3-D technology will allow us to find cancers earlier in women with dense breasts.  Since 30 percent of our breast cancer patients are under age 50 with dense breasts, this technology is a great benefit to our patients.  Finding breast cancer early is the key to decreasing death rates and increasing survival.”

Paul Grenaldo, chief operating officer at Doctors Community Hospital, stated “Our hospital is committed to supporting the principles of population health and addressing the specific healthcare needs of the community.  We are honored to be able to provide 3-D mammography, which will help our mothers, sisters, aunts, colleagues, neighbors and many other women detect this disease earlier and receive more timely treatments.”

1  Friedewald SM, Rafferty EA, Rose SL, Durand MA, Plecha DM, Greenberg JS, Hayes MK, Copit DS, Carlson KL, Cink TM, Barke LD, Greer LN, Miller DP, Conant EF, Breast Cancer Screening Using Tomosynthesis in Combination with Digital Mammography, JAMA June 25, 2014


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