Commitment to the Community


Doctors Community Hospital is proud to serve county residents as well as those from other regions who need exceptional medical and surgical care.

We are honored to serve county and regional residents. As part of our partnership with the community, we provide health screenings, educational oureach and other initiatives that enrich the quality of people's lives. See community benefits.

Just as our employees are dedicated to serving the community, many residents support the hospital as volunteers. In 2016, more than 394 people contributed approximately 29,132 hours by serving as pastoral care volunteers, supporting school-related and summer-youth programs, offering job training to adults and youths, providing administrative help and so much more.

Community Benefits Summary

 Net Community Benefit
Community Health Services$211,662
Community Health Education$83,565
Support Groups$90,737
Health ProfessionaL Education$1,626,890
Nurses and Nursing Students$1,129,240
Other Health Professionals$497,650
Cash and In-Kind Contributions$361,139
Cash Donations$302,899
In-Kind Donations$58,240
Community Building Activities$762,540
Economic Development$67,405
Community Support$565,708
Workforce Development$129,427
Charity Care$10,952,683
Medicaid Assessments$792,138
Community Benefits Operations$109,779
Total Hospital Community Benefit$14,816,831

View our complete community benefits report.  You can also support these or other programs by joining our community and becoming a volunteer or donor.