System Requirements

Doctors Community Hospital System

Requirements for Internet Remote Access

PC running Windows XP or Vista

High speed Internet connection (DSL, Cable modem, T1, etc)

Internet Explorer security settings of Medium

Instructions for Internet Remote Access for Pre-Authorized Users

1.  Access the hospital's web site (
2.  Click the DCH Gateway link on the left in the blue navigation area.
3.  Click the "Log in" button.
4.  Enter your DCH network user name and password and click the "Log In" button.
5.  The first time you log on you will need to load the client - click the DCH remote access client link at the bottom right of the Welcome screen; click RUN. You will need to "allow" this program (Citrix) access in your firewall, if prompted.
6.  In the application window you should see the applications available to you.
7.  Click the Meditech icon.
8.  Select LIVE APPLICATIONS and log in.
9.  When you are done, log off Meditech by pressing <enter> until you are out of Meditech.
10. If your Citrix session is still open, you can press the "Log off" button.
     If you were in Meditech for a while, you may have been automatically logged off Citrix.  In either case, you may simply close the Internet Explorer window when done.

Remote Printing Instructions

Printing within Meditech can be a bit tricky.  For optimal results, use a laser printer.

There are two options for printing:



If you are using a printer other than a HP Laser printer, please verify that we have print drivers loaded for your make and model printer.

Please consult these Printer Configuration Instructions, should you need to configure your PC for remote printing.

For assistance, please contact the Information Technology Department at or 301-552-7776.



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