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The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, Leapfrog and several others have implemented incentives to improve the quality of care throughout the country.  Doctors Community Hospital has joined the CMS demonstration project and is providing access to Zynx for our Medical Staff in support of this initiative.  The objective is to improve patient outcomes through continuously standardizing to best practices or evidence based medicine.  Zynx offers you two tools to help achieve this objective.  They are as follows:
The Clinical Pathway Constructor™ (CPC™) is designed to provide the background knowledge necessary to aid the multidisciplinary team in building patient care guidelines and pathways for a wide variety of acute care topics.

The Evidence-Based Forecaster™ (EBF™) is an Internet-based interactive solution designed to engage physicians and other clinicians in the process of organizational change as well as facilitate the prioritization process for quality improvement efforts.

If you are a physician on staff at Doctors Community Hospital and would like to learn more about participating in best practices, please contact Don Yablonowitz, M.D. at 301-552-8198 and for access to the CPC or EBF, please contact the Information Technology Department at or 301-552-8177.



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