Drivers Evaluation Program

Driving Evaluation

Occasionally there is a need to either refresh our driving skills or have a third party access our ability to continue to drive safely. If you or a loved one are considered to be an "At-Risk Driver," our Driving Evaluation service can help address your concerns.


Who Would Benefit?

Individuals with a valid drivers license who:

  • Are older drivers with a history of accidents
  • Have a decline in vision and or memory
  • Have suffered a recent head injury
  • Have a new physical disability causing decreased mobility
  • Have been reported to the Motor Vehicle Administration and determined to be an at-risk driver

Driving Evaluation

The two-part evaluation is completed in two separate visits.


Clinical Evaluation: Assesses vision, cognition, mobility, strength, and reaction time. This is a one hour visit in Rehabilitation Services.


Behind-the-Wheel Evaluation: An Occupational Therapist Driver Rehab Specialist and a Certified Driving School Instructor will assess driving strengths and weaknesses during an on-the-road evaluation. This assessment occurs during a second visit in the Driving School's automobile and will take approximately 1.5 hours.


Written Report

Within seven days after the driving assessment, a written report will be sent to the driver's home, the driver's physician, and to the Motor Vehicle Administration.



Driving evaluations are by appointment only. For more information or to schedule an appointment, please call Dana Nixon, OTR/L, DRS at 240-965-8438 or Rehabilitation Services at 301-552-8144



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