Radiology and Imaging Services

The Radiology Department at Doctors Community Hospital provides comprehensive radiologic diagnostic and treatment services.

  • General X-rays:  total body film images of the chest, bones, internal organs and the head.
  • Ultrasound Procedures:  used to identify abnormalities in the abdomen, internal organs, breast, and fetus.  Also used in therapeutic procedures to guide physicians in biopsy and/or drainage of cysts or in brachytherapy, a procedure for treating prostate cancer.
  • Mammography:  used to identify a mass in breast tissue and changes in breast tissue over time.
  • Nuclear Medicine:  thallium and thallium stress tests, muga studies, and bone scans, as well as lymphoscintigraphy for mammography (identifies affected lymph nodes, so they may be removed without removing a large portion of the lymphatic system).
  • Prostate Seed Implants: Treatment of the Prostate Gland
  • CAT Scan:  the fastest scanner in the industry speeds diagnosis and dramatically reduces the amount of time (down from 30 minutes to 20 seconds) a patient must stay in the scanner.  Performs 3D imaging of internal organs, bones and the brain providing sharper, clearer images.  
  • Interventional Radiology:  Angiography, carotid, renal aortic and lower extremity studies, uterine artery embolization, and other intricate procedures.  In some cases, treatment eliminates the need for surgery.
  • MRI:  the newest 1.5 MRI provides picture perfect MR Cholangio-Pancreantography, MR Angiography, Turbo Spin Echo imaging in addition to the standard exams ON-SITE. 

Our unit has the shortest, widest and most open bore in the industry improving comfort for claustrophobic, pediatric and other difficult-to-scan patients. Access to Outpatient Radiology Services is at the rear of the hospital, convenient to patient and visitors parking areas.

In order to improve treatment time, our Emergency Center is equipped with its own CT scanner.



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