Cardiac Rehabilitation

Deciding what activities you can safely resume after a heart attack, angioplasty or open-heart surgery can be frightening.  Doctors Community Hospital's Cardiac Rehabilitation Program is designed to help patients with heart disease return to full and productive lives more quickly.  Under the medical direction of Dr. Sridhar Chatrathi and staffed with friendly health care professionals, we are committed to helping you reduce your risk for future cardiac events through risk factor modification.

You can benefit from cardiac rehabilitation if you have had:

  • A heart attack, angina or other heart condition
  • Coronary bypass surgery or a balloon catheter
  • A heart transplant

We have developed a page with some answers to common questions about Cardiac Rehabilitation.

For more information about Cardiac Rehabilitation, please call Cecily Ludka, Clinical Coordinator of Diagnostic Cardiology and Cardiac Rehabilitation at 301-552-8058.



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