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Heart failure occurs when the heart’s pumping power is weaker than normal. Also, it can occur when people have very stiff hearts that can lead to fluids building up in the lungs and legs. Although the heart still beats, a weakened or very stiff heart doesn’t pump enough blood, which is rich with oxygen and nutrients that the body needs. As a result, walking, carrying groceries or even climbing stairs can be difficult or cause shortness of breath.

Heart failure impacts the lives of more than five million Americans with the rates forecasted to double during the next 30 years. Also, many people who have heart disease experience various challenges managing it, which increases their likelihood of experiencing health crises that often require them to frequently need emergency care.

Our Congestive Heart Failure Clinic was designed with patient care and convenience in mind. Located at Doctors Community Hospital in Lanham, Maryland, this clinic provides comprehensive congestive heart failure care. In fact, this disease management program provides:

  • A holistic care approach that includes the collaborative services of pharmacy, nutrition, physical therapy, cardiology, physician assistant, social work, home health and hospice care professionals
    • all accessible on Doctors Community Hospital’s campus
  • Consultations for insured and uninsured patients who have physician referrals
  • An experienced and board-certified cardiologist

As a healthcare partner, we collaborate with referring, primary care or cardiology physicians to keep them informed of their patients’ progress. In fact, after the completion of four sessions, a detailed report is sent electronically to patients’ physicians.

Learn more by clicking here to read our congestive heart failure brochure. 

Doctors Community Hospital

Congestive Heart Failure Clinic

8116 Good Luck Road

Professional Office Building, Suite 010

Lanham, Maryland 20706-3596




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